World in Transition

In these undeniably trying times it is often easy to collapse into afflictive emotional states and thought patterns. Humanity is being challenged to rise up to our own deepest potential by recognizing, becoming aware of and healing those places where we are not resonating with love. As humans, we face and will continue to face the continual choice of love until we consciously choose it and then we expand exponentially into a truly enlightened, awakened human existence via our choice to survive and thrive on Earth. To do this, we must all set our pride aside and be willing to open up to deeper levels of our own existence; accepting our lessons and letting go of false perception of ourselves through forgiveness. It is always the darkest before the dawn; my hope and inner knowing is that through faith and experience in that faith that we each create the space within ourselves to experience the light that will lead us to live from our hearts always. The possibilities of our collective potential remain largely untapped and as it is unveiled through time I have no doubt it will be beyond the wonder of anyone's imaginings. May you seek and find healing in the way you most need it.

"Do the most good as you can, in as many places as you can, by as many means as you can, in as many ways as you can" - Moroccan Proverb 

"World of Dreams" by John Lawton Cullison Jr.

Worldshift 2012 by Ervin Lazlo

Mayan Majix Daily Guide to the Mayan Sacred Calendar: 2012:

The New Universe and the Human: How A Shared Cosmology Could Transform the World

Even the Sun Will Die by Eckhart Tolle

End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012 by Anthony Aveni

How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization by Amit Goswami 

"To feel you roots stretching back through cosmic time is to know who you are and to see from a cosmic perspective. these are two abilities that our species needs to cultivate more widely if we wish to protect the chances of our descendents over a cosmologically long period of time" 

"Scientific skepticism doesn't require that we maintain a feeling of detachment from the universe"

"Our first challenge is to break through and SEE the new cosmos not just as a new idea in physics but as our shared mental homeland-a homeland where cosmological time is the only appropriate perspective on many issues...Our second challenge is to use this knowledge to develop a long-range, large-scale vision that can be widely understood and shared, irrespective of religion. The vision must be grounded in scientific understanding of both the universe and the idiosyncrasies of the human consciousness, since our reality depends, and always will, on the interplay of both. A coherent, shared cosmology was for our ancestors a source of bonding power that enabled them to trust and cooperate in ever larger groups-and developing the ability to cooperate in increasingly larger groups made civilization possible. The emerging global civilization will need to cooperate in much larger numbers than humans ever have before. Such rapidly growing countries as China, India, Brazil must be included in this consensus. Our scientific understanding of our human predicament may be the most important thing that we all have in common. The third and ultimate challenge for all people is to seek to understand nature in order to harmonize our behavior with nature, not just to exploit nature technologically while generating heaps of garbage and unhappiness." 

"There is a native American concept that a person's responsibility extends "to the seventh generation". This is a wonderful impulse but the phrase is wrong for today, not because seven is to many or too few but because it implies that every generation has the same level of responsibility. we who are alive today have a far greater responsibility than earlier, less knowledgeable generations or later, less pivotal  generations. We happen to be the ones living at the end of human inflation. we nee to choose a way to think about our responsibility that's appropriate for our time." 

- Excerpts from the New Universe and the Human Future

Recent Encompassing Theory of Evolution, Life and Existence of the Universe:


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