The Noble Eight Fold Path


Ethical Discipline 
1. Right Speech - True, kind and appropriate 
2. Right Activity - actions which do not harm others
3. Right Livelihood - Obtaining our subsistence by non-harmful and ethical means 

Right Meditation
4.  Right Effort - To counteract disturbing attitudes and negative emotions by meditating 
5. Right Mindfulness - Counteracting laxity and excitement in our meditation 
6. Right Samadhi - The mind that can fix one-pointedly on virtuous objects 

7.  Right View- The wisdom of realizing emptiness
8. Right Thought - The mind that can explain the path to others with the intent to be free of suffering 

"Life is a meditation" - Joey Klein 

Shephard Fairey

The 8 Auspicious Symbols:
\ Precious Umbrella or "Protection Parasol" symbolizes protection from illness, negative forces and obstacles in life 

Golden Fish symbolizes a state of fearlessness, also represents good luck and abundance

Treasure Vase symbolizes long life, fulfillment and prosperity
Lotus flower symbolizes the purification of the body, speech and mind even when surrounded by tempatation

Conch shell awakens all from their slumber of ignorance, and urges them to work for their own and others' welfare
Endless Knot represents intertwining of wisdom and compassion, and is also the symbol of eternity and unity.
sVictory Banner symbolizes the victory of body, mind and speech over all obstacles and harmful sources

Life Wheel symbolizes overcoming obstacles, enabling people to experience the joy of wholesome deeds.


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