Affirmation of the Unlimited Person

By Dianna DeNomme from Turtle Wisdom

I am powerful and able. I am successful. 
I am whole and complete. 
The Universe supports me. 
My body is filled with energy and vitality. 
I am light. I am buoyant. 
Natural wellbeing flows through me.  
All I deserve is in reach. 
I am powerful, attractive and wealthy. 
Abundance is my birthright.
This I manifest now. 

I forgive myself. Today I begin life anew. 
Joy and love flow from me as from a fountain. 
Love is in my heart as I meet each situation. 
Love is in my heart as I meet each person. 
I move out into the world with love. 
I am discovering this now. 

I am persistent. I have tenacity. 
The will to succeed supports me totally. 
Barriers become my education. 
I experience obstacles as opportunities, 
which lie on my path to success. 

I am confident. The power of the Universe 
manifests itself through me now.
My actions are decisive. 
I walk in power and affirmation of life. 


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