Healing Conciousness

Ix Chel

From Ix Chel Wisdom by Shonagh Home

Spaciousness and Creating channeled from Ix Chel: 

"Creation isn't to be snuffed out. Listen to your inner guidance. Follow the leads that are given. you will always know what to do. Have absolute trust in the guidance that is handed to you through your own Divinity. This is freedom. To be aligned with your one true self-your connection to Source. You are forever. you are that which cannot be defined. You are that which cannot be held back or imprisoned. It is only through your perceptions of the limits that are in place that you can be enslaved to the constructs of your mind. but you are participating in a great play.

Step back and expand until you cannot feel a sense of the confines of your body. Become space. all passes through you. Now you can see, know, and feel the ALL of Spirit. Leave the realms of ordinary senses and become the All of it. This is where you will find peace. The more often you do this, the better you become until you realize you can shift your reality completely.

Now create what you want in alignment with divinity. Create from spaciousness-silence and expansion is consciousness. Life will imitate the sacred and all will be infused with consciousness. Bring this forward. Become the great creatrix. Practice the art of becoming spaciousness. Go there often and bring back wisdom. It will come naturally because you are exposing yourself to consciousness. Connect to Source and you will receive the wisdom and the knowing of how to manifest a new earth." 

"In Lak Ech"

To learn more about Ix Chel, I recommend the books Sastun by Rosita Arvagio and Ix Chel Wisdom by Shonagh Home 

"We humans are so diverse that the way to deal with global problems is not to impose global solutions but to cultivate the common ground of a large scale vision based on principles and to encourage small-scale, decentralized solutions, appropriate to different situations, created by all kinds of people who are inspired by this vision and its goals." - The New Universe and the Human Future


"A Warrior of the Light shares with others what he knows of the path.

Anyone who gives help also receives help and needs to teach what he has learned. That is why he sits by the fire and recounts his day on the battlefield.

A friend whispers: "Sehy talk so openly about your strategy? Don't you realize that, by doing so, you run the risk of sharing your conquests with others?"

The Warrior merely smiles and says nothing. He knows that if, at the end of his journey, he arrives to find an empty paradise, his struggle will have been a waste of time" 
 - From Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho


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