Positive Psychology 101

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing. According to Positive Psychology pioneer Chris Peterson, it can be summed up as "other people matter".

Positive Psychology is not thinking positively all of the time, or happiology, it is about fully experiencing the wide range of human emotions and experience while leveraging our strengths to thrive.

While traditional medicine and psychology have examined our illnesses and neuroses, the focus of Positive Psychology going beyond getting to a baseline well-being and going north of neutral (see diagram below). Absence of illness does not equal thriving health. The important thing is to start where you are and move forward with self-compassion and kindness.

Positive psychology gives us insight and evidence-based practices into how we can "show up in the way we want to" (Dr. Shrikumar Rao).


Can you imagine most of the world flourishing by 2050? 
What would that look like?
That's what we are working towards

Citation to The Flourishing Center. Copyright Shelley Fritz


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