Happy Earth Day 2015! + Thank you GoMacro :)!

 This Earth Day I would like to share a fantastic company out of Viola, WI that is mother-daughter owned GoMacro: https://www.gomacro.com/ #gomacro

This company has changed my life and is a shining example of what it means to operate in integrity and to be dedicated to sustainability. I am inspired by the work they do and the bars they make are a. Delicious and b. The best out there (organic, vegan, sustainable, highest-quality ingredients, time-released energy, etc.), try and see for yourself :)! 

GoMacro is dedicated to and established on the principles of  sustainability, giving back, vegan and macrobiotic diet and being wholesome. GoMacro's trays are made out of 100% compostable material. Because of this, you can place seeds or a baby plant in them with soil and when it is time to plant it, you can plant the entire tray and it will decompose! Also, our coasters contain Wildflower seeds. You can plant the coaster and watch a plant grow from it!

 I am delighted and proud to be a Brand Ambassador for this company and I look forward to many people experiencing the joy of healthful eating and the bountiful flavors and delights that GoMacro offers (that's me in the middle right of the below picture "Self Care is a Divine Responsibility". Thanks for reading and may you be blessed with healthful nourishment, healing, the inspiration to help others and the knowing in your heart that we can truly make the world a better place, one decision and one day at a time...let's make every day Earth Day !


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