Freedom Through Food

Freedom Through Food

Healthy, Organic, Sustainable, Close to The Earth (Plant Based Vegan Diet) are keys to freedom, health, personal empowerment and responsibility, and for being a positive changemaker of maximum effect. BE THE CHANGE. You are what you eat. It is time that we respect the Earth Mother and love our bodies by nurturing life with living foods.

"Let thy food be thy medicine and the medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates 



"For every pound of red meat, poultry, eggs, and milk produced, farm fields lose about five pounds of irreplaceable top soil. the water necessary for meat breeding comes to about 190 gallons per animal per day, or ten times what a normal Indian family is supposed to use in one day. if it gets water at all."  Vandana Shiva pg 71 of Stolen Harvest

From Dying Democracies to Living Democracies - Vandana Shiva Earth Democracy pg 106 

Negative economies and negative politics feed on and fuel negative cultures and identities. Cultures have been shaped by the land and cultural diversity has coevolved with biological diversity. Cultures hav eshaped positive identities-based on a sense of place in ecosystems and economies. As poeople are displaced and insecurities grow, identity is transformed and destroyed. Among these negative cultures and identities, terrorism, extremism, and xeophobia take virulent form. Humanity defines itself through its inhumanity. Viscious cycles of violence and exclusion-cultural, political, economic-predominate.  

Our survival demands that we make a transition from viscious cycles of violence to virtuous cycles of nonviolence; from negative economies of death and destruction ot living economies that stutain life o earth and our lives; from negative politics of corruption and fascism to living democracies whihc include concern for and participation of all life; and from negative cultures that are leading to mutual annihilation to positive ad living cultures based on caring, compassion, and conservation. 

Earth Democracy allows the emergence of living economies, living democracy, and living cultures. 

Globalization is threatening survival itself-by robbing millions of thei rright to life and by creating a political climate in which negative identities thrive. Human rights must focus on the right of the human species to survive, in peace with each other and the rest of the human species to survive, in peace with each other and the rest of the earth family. Economic globalization does not create global markets, it creates global madness. This madness must be stopped. With our collective will and our courageious intermentions we must cure not the symptoms of insecurity bu the root causes. 

It is essential to dispel the illusion that globalization is natural and inevitable. Globalization is a political project and it needs a political response. Our political response needs to put human beings, i all our diversity, at the cnter of economic thought. We must not allow the annihilation of human rights by all-powerful global corporations. We must stop treating corporations, markets, and capital s people for whose protection all human beings can be put at risk. 

And we need to evolve an agenda for human rights which includes all humans and all rights. Most liberation movements in recent history have been partial and exclusivist. They worked for a class, a race. and often they wer based on violence. They excluded other species, they excluded diverse cultures, and they frequently excluded women's politics of making change through everyday life. We have an opportuiety today to seek freedom in inclusive ways, in our diversity, to seek freedom for humans in partnership with other species, and to seek freedom nonviolently. this frreedom of diversity is the alternative to globaliztion. 

Globalizatio has pushed representative democracy to its final test. The combination of corporate globaliztion and electoal democracy is separating leaders and govenrments from society and people. Whether governemtns are pushing the lobalization agenda depsite popular resistsance, the militaristic agenda againast the democratic will of people, or the divide-and-rule agenda of religious fundamentalism and xenophobia, they are no longer governing for economic justice, peace of social harmony. while the democratic divide between people and their leaders is obvious, the next steps for relcaiming democracy are bing shaped by people, ot by so-called leaders. 

Living democracy for us has become a process for building alternatives while taking back power."

It All Starts to Make Sense...



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