Cosmic Chakra Freedom

From Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Accept the reality that these things happened but do not let them cloud and poison your energy. if you are to be a positive influence on the world, you need to forgive yourself. You must bring balance to yourself before you can bring balance to the world.

Cosmic Uroborous from The New Universe and the Human Future

The Thought Chakra - Deals with Pure Cosmic Energy
         Blocked by earthly attachment. Let them flow down the river. Let go. Crown - chakra mandalas

    Once you open this chakra, you will be able to go in and out of the avatar state at will.
And when you are in the avatar state, you will have complete awareness and control of all of your actions

The Light Chakra - Deals with Insight
         Blocked by illusion - the greatest of which is separation. Everything is connected.

The Sound Chakra - Deals with Truth
          Blocked by lies - You cannot liea bout your own nature. You must accept that you are the avatar.

Heart Chakra - Deals with Love
       Blocked by Grief - Let all of your grief out in front of you. Let the pain flow away

Fire Chakra - Deals with Will Power
        Blocked by Shame - What are your biggest disappointments?  You will never find balance if you     deny part of yourself

The Water Chakra - Deals with Pleasure
      Blocked by Guilt - What do you blame yourself for?

The Earth Chakra - Deals with survival
      Blocked by fear. Let your fears flow down the creek.

Surrender Yourself.


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